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We specialize in wholesale inspirational gifts.

All our products are handmade and have great quality

SAPIA is a Colombian company that produces and sells crafts, gifts and souvenirs, with more than 15 years of export experience and clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, Holland, Italy, Spain and Germany.

We also own more than 35 stores called EL MARKET, which are located in the main airports of 4 countries (Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Spain).

Our multidisciplinary team constantly investigates the preferences, tastes and buying tendencies of the market, developing products with great potential of success in sales.

We focus on basic products, but cheerful, with concepts, messages and eye-catching packaging at very competitive prices; and based on the success of our products, now we offer our best sellers to other Travel retail shops, Duty Free stores, gift shops, boutiques and convenience stores among others.

In SAPIA we mainly work with local artisans and women’s groups, whom we train in the production of our designs providing them opportunities for constant work and income generation.

What we want is to get consumers and especially travelers, to find the most striking, exclusive and representative products in their stores. For this, we strive to carefully select our products and offer products in the categories of gifts and souvenirs, with original designs, colorful, warm, cheerful and authentic.

To know more about our shops, please go onto the link: www.elmarket.co

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